FREE Pension Review

Have a Pension Review to facilitate your Peace Of Mind and find the best solution to fit your portfolio

Pension Review

At Legacy Pension Services we are able to offer free no obligation pension reviews to give you assurance and peace of mind regarding your pension.

Once Reviewed we can assist you if you need to adapt  your current portfolio as its not performing well. If its performing well then we can advise you on how to keep it on track.

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Final Salary Pension

Final salary schemes are a type of defined benefit pension scheme that are offered by employers. Depending on how long you have worked for a company and how much you earn, will strongly have an effect on the result of your pension.

Our expert Financial Advisers are able to review Final Salary Pension Schemes which aren't in the public sector.

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SERPS also known as 'State Earnings Related Pension Scheme' is a type of Pension Scheme  that is based on your National Insurance and how much you earn.

In the late 90s it was possible to opt out of SERPS, If done most people did not know what it meant and lost their pension.

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At Legacy Pension Services not only do we pride ourselves in supporting our pension holders with Financial Freedom, we also offer Insurance Protection provided by our expert advisers throughout the UK.

Our Top-Quality advisers specialize in Private Protection, Business Protection, Employee Benefits, Business Insurance and much more!

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Retiring Now

With investment markets being lower than the 2007 high your pension fund value and therefore the money you have available to buy your annuity is low and so you will only be able to buy a lower income. Remember, you can never change your mind so think carefully before buying an annuity now.

There can be significant advantages to keeping your pension invested whilst still taking benefits.
In addition, if you delay buying an annuity till you are older you may also get a better annuity and a higher income.Your pension fund, if sensibly managed, will have the opportunity to grow in value over time as the investment markets recover. As your fund gets bigger, you can take a higher income. As you get older, you can legally take a higher income from your fund and will retain the option, up to age 75, to convert the fund to an annuity at any time if you choose to.

At Legacy Pension Services our Advisers are able to arrange the best possible funds to match your attitudes to risks and investment portfolio.


Pension Release

Pension Release – Pension schemes can prove extremely complicated and difficult to understand. Your own pension fund is unique to you so full details of your existing pension arrangements need to be obtained so our financial advisor can provide you with the best pension review options.

Unless your current pension plan is able to provide pension release benefits directly to you, it may be necessary to transfer the pension fund to a new plan in order to release these benefits early. This could take time and could incur penalty charges.

The expert pension release financial advisor will contact you to obtain a detailed understanding of your personal pension objectives and circumstances, before explaining the options available to you and any advantages or disadvantages of releasing benefits from your pension now. Your financial adviser will then make a suitable recommendation, which will be sent to you in a comprehensive report detailing the advice given, the tax free lump sum available, the charges and fees and what the long term effect may be to your pension income at retirement.

Should you decide to proceed with your releasing pension funds, we will arrange for your tax free lump sum to be paid directly to you as soon as possible.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is a type of policy which pays out an income or lump sum of money, usually to family members, if the insured person was to die within the term. It is usually taken out to cover a debt, such as a mortgage, but can also be used to replace the income of key family members or provide payment for a funeral and other living expenses. Life Insurance is a great way of offering your family financial security in the event of your death.

Pension Review